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a podcast that is anything but half-assed.

Jun 8, 2014

Thanks for joining us in the 2nd half of our conversation! In part 2, Kelli, Beth, Annie, Kelsea & I are joined by Ryan McCormick from "A Fireside Chat" and Ian Sharpley from "McSoss". We get some of their input on a few of the topics we discussed in part 1 as well as clothing sizes and why they matter so much to women, we get into some of the guys insecurities, we play the "number" game and explain why some girls are scared of their number getting too high, we discuss the crazy dynamics of female relationships, we cover the age old question, "can men & women just be friends?" We discuss the CA shooting #yesallwomen, what women do to protect ourselves in every day situations, rape culture -- why men are more prone to rape, are women capable of rape, would a guy report it if he were raped by a girl? We also discuss a recent female strip club adventure and the strange dynamics of how men react to women being in the strip club. This is an episode you won't want to miss! Thanks for listening and please rate and review in the iTunes store!