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a podcast that is anything but half-assed.

May 4, 2019

This episode chronicles a recent LSD experience I had in a hotel room that changed everything. We're talking the must humbling gut punch a person can receive from the other side. I also get to the answers I have been seeking all of my life, and through this entire podcast experience, that were finally revealed through...

Mar 19, 2017

Just some thoughts rattling around the attic this fine Sunday morning. Thanks for listening.

Mar 12, 2017

The conversation continues with Desiree Gonzalez, Beth Weisel, Ian Sharpley (McSoss) and Ryan McCormick (A Fireside Chat). Huge thanks to my guests for being so open and honest, and everyone listening, YOU are my motivation. Much love. Talk to you soon.

Dec 18, 2016

It's been crazy lately. This is an update from "The Ties That Bind" episode (that I ended up taking down), my experience with the first couple of sessions from EMDR therapy and how I ended up in the hospital a couple weeks ago. But don't worry, we wrap it all up with a sweet, angelic poop story. Happy Holidays!

Nov 13, 2016

Ryan McCormick (host of A Fireside Chat) and I sat down this morning to have an open discussion about the state of the nation. We talk about our fears, frustrations and what to do next. This is a message of hope for EVERYONE. There will be no more hatefulness, name calling or intolerance coming from us. This is an...