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a podcast that is anything but half-assed.

May 4, 2019

This episode chronicles a recent LSD experience I had in a hotel room that changed everything. We're talking the must humbling gut punch a person can receive from the other side. I also get to the answers I have been seeking all of my life, and through this entire podcast experience, that were finally revealed through...

Jan 27, 2019

This episode is all about my experience in treatment for my addictions and the recovery process. Thanks for checking it out.

Jan 20, 2019

It's Saturday night and we are SNOWED IN, folks! I'm liquored up on grandpa's secret cough syrup and spilling all kinds of stories I will surely regret tomorrow, but who knows if tomorrow is even going to happen?! It's a Snowmageddonpocolypse out there and there's no time for nice-ities. I accidentally spill the beans...

Jan 15, 2019

In this episode, I come to grips with the fact that I need to let go of an extremely shameful part of my past. I try to take you behind-the-scenes, if you will, of what the mind of an addict looks like. This is all just from my very personal experience and how I worked through it. Also, the intro of this episode will...