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a podcast that is anything but half-assed.

Oct 28, 2014

In this Special Halloween episode, I tell you about my creepy childhood home. Handmade Ouija boards, doppelgangers, demons & spirits of all kinds. This episode has it all. Thanks for listening!

Oct 19, 2014

In this episode I talk to you about my experience with abortion, drugs and how never getting closure will haunt you forever. There is no crying in this episode, just real talk about the things I have experienced to help people try to relate. If you want to better understand these issues, but have never experienced...

Oct 8, 2014

In this episode I am joined by Ryan McCormick (host of "A Fireside Chat"), Ian Sharpley (McSoss), Jason "Duffy" Santopietro and Dom Yosi as we discuss Black Friday, raunchy female comedy, rape culture and many hilarious stories about coming for the first time. All I can say, is there is a fantastic "beer bottle...